Meg + Manny | Mountaintop Adventure

Imagine yourself being whisked away for an adventure in the mountains just before sunset by the love of your life. Sound ideal? Well, that is precisely what this charming couple did! And let me just say, it was quite magical!

This shoot was whimsical and full of their adoring love for each other.  The woods were both a getaway and a safe haven for this couple. The mountain tops provided a majestic feel that easily flowed with the simple beauty of Meg’s dress. My wanderlust was definitely stirred by the adventure vibes that Meg and Manny conveyed.

Towards the end of the shoot, Meg had me incorporate some of her lanterns to better publicize her nonprofit, Hope for the Broken.

meg and manny-6778.jpg
meg and manny-6770-2.jpg
meg and manny-6999.jpg
meg and manny-6885.jpg
meg and manny-7015.jpg
meg and manny-6979.jpg
meg and manny-7020.jpg
meg and manny-7050.jpg
meg and manny-7032.jpg
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